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Have you dreamt of a fairytale wedding since you were little?
Your dream wedding comes true, Assuring first class service & Inspiring ideas from The Most Sought after Wedding Planner in Chennai


GR Iyer Marriage Catering Services

We promise world class weddings which will remain in your memories for a lifetime. Give us a hint of what you require, and we will help you with the rest. Our team is prepared to give you a wedding beyond your dreams. GR Iyer Marriage Catering Services provides complete packages that you will require for arranging a wedding. From the Photographer to the Menu, you will be consulted and your preference will be noted.

We understand that your wedding is the most important decision taken which unites two souls and two families. This lifetime event should be exactly as you want it. The day should be yours to enjoy. We assure you that our trained staff will be with you at every step.

“Turning Your Dreams into Reality is What We as Wedding Planners Do Best GR Iyer Marriage Catering Services Takes Away Your Worries & Helps You Relax”

Leave out budget related worries; we can work out on your plans.

Are you worried that you will be exceeding your budget? Weddings are expensive, no doubt about that. However, GR Iyer Marriage Catering Services is there to help you with this also. We know how to plan and execute all minute details in the most cost efficient manner with no compromise to the Quality of services. Choose the theme you wish and we will accomplish the task.

You will not have a single worry and can enjoy all the festivities with your dear ones.

Quality is our trademark and our Customer is the King Just mention the date and GR Iyer Marriage Catering Services is at your disposal

As we are the best caterers in Chennai for marriage

GR Iyer Marriage Catering Services has everything you need to begin your thrilling adventure.

You need to have the perfect wedding and we dedicate our entire team to your disposal. Your wedding will be the only thing that matters to us. Our team is made of passionate, dedicated people who understand how important your Big Day is to you and your loved ones. Hiring us will be the best wedding gift you can give to yourself.

We are at your service anytime. Please feel free to contact us on +91 9840113694 and +91 9952072511.